Empowering People in Power

The advent of competitive electricity markets and the continuing deployment of the smart grid and Advance Metering Infrastructure in the electricity industry present both challenges and opportunities in the power industry.  The  iPool software provides energy companies and power consumers a user-friendly tool for managing market risk, forecasting prices, profiling and pricing demand in the competitive power industry.   •iPool’s graphical and intuitive user interface design makes it easy to use with visual access to information.   The tree navigation and tabbed forms interface provides easy drill down and aggregated view of prices, generation, load and financial data. iPool’s innovative use of Object Oriented technology provide fast and flexible interactive simulation ideal for applications such as:


•Forecasting for Short Term and Medium Term of Electricity Pool Prices and Generation.  iPool uses accurate Market Bid-Based dispatch optimization and has Intelligent Bid that responds dynamically to changing market conditions using Fuzzy Inference System technology.

Load Profiling

•Load Profiling and Pricing of Customer meter data against the market and against different Tariffs and contracts.  Models Generator and Retailer Portfolio with ability to group and aggregate multiple portfolios.   Models both Wholesale contracts and Retail Tariffs.


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